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Forum: Introduce yourself beginners

If your a beginner Tolkien fan introduce yourself here.
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No New Posts It is I; I had better be quiet now!!!
I Had Better Be Quiet Now 8 736
No New Posts This is me introducing myself
frenchsaber 6 529
No New Posts found the effort :P (Preview) ManofGondor 6 807
No New Posts Always a beginner at something (or so it seems)
Meimei 11 1001
No New Posts Estel's Introduction
ArwenLegolas 11 525
No New Posts Greetings, fellow travellers.
Finrod al Thor 5 396
No New Posts PippinLegolasLovechild
PippinLegolasLovechild 11 459
No New Posts Introducing myself.
ManintheMask 6 680
No New Posts Salve!
buckeyepapist 3 1133
No New Posts Isillune
Isillune 8 1031
No New Posts Hello, I'm a movie newbie - haven't read the books
Saba 3 868
No New Posts Another new member from Portugal
JPRT 3 881
No New Posts Not a newbie, but one for this site
picaroghosh 4 761
No New Posts hello all, i am a newbie. and yes, i have read all of the books by tolkien.
aragorn1353 6 866
No New Posts Hello I am 50s-Elf & I am new here!!!
50s-elf 9 912
No New Posts A tall Hobbit came to say hello!
kateribethrose 10 1015
No New Posts From The Hobbit Sherriff
Hobbit Sherriff 4 793
No New Posts Newbie (Preview) Shieldmaiden 10 969
No New Posts Hello, new member here.
Aikari Salmarinian 16 1112
No New Posts new
Giver of Gifts 14 906
No New Posts New member from Portugal!
zore_riot 5 795
No New Posts Hello
PolishGuy14 1 610
No New Posts New Here
HelenIsMyLuthien 5 835
No New Posts Hi! *waves*
Hravan 14 1033
No New Posts Hello, to all!
lomoduin 12 960
No New Posts Hi!
Wraith 5 716
No New Posts hi from germany!
ceolwyn 5 720
No New Posts About me
Nilfirith Nirayo 7 923
No New Posts New Member From SA
Tarcil 12 965
No New Posts A return to Tolkien
Sweeper 8 846
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