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Halls of Mandos
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Rules, Notices and Announcements - Read Only
This forums contains site rules and admin notices which must be followed. Check every now and again to see if there any new notices. Note: For quick navigation around the site, see the 'Site Navigation' tab at the top right of the forum and all the main pages have been listed there.
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Become Valar/admin or Maiar/moderator here! - Reply Only
Check in here to see if there are any requests for adminship or moderatorship. Also see the 'Become an admin/moderator page' on the site for more info.
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Maiar/Valar/special sideranks introductions - Read Only
Newly appointed Powers will introduce themselves to members here.
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Site suggestions / Ideas / help
Here you can discuss any site ideas, suggestions, member recruting etc for other members and Powers. Also this is where most polls will take place for members to vote on different aspects of the site. If you need help with anything that is not in the FAQ you can ask it here.
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Introduce yourself
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Introduce yourself beginners
If your a beginner Tolkien fan introduce yourself here.
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Introduce yourself fanatics
If you are an experienced Tolkien fan introduce yourself here.
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General Lore discussion forums
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General Lore disussion (standard)
Use this forum for general discussion about any Tolkien related aspects, save films and games.
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Experienced Fanatics Forum (advanced) - Reply Only
Topics on the General forum deemed 'advanced lore' by Valar or Maiar wilt be moved hither.
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Tolkien books forums
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LOTR books
Discuss the three part masterpeice, Lord of the Rings here.
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The Silmarillion
Discuss the in-depth First Age book here.
33 574
Other Tolkien books
The hobbit, Tales from the perilous realm, History of Middle-Earth, Unfinished Tales and more? Discuss them all here.
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Places of Arda forums
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The Dark Realms
Discuss the realm's of the Dark Lord's Morgoth Bauglir and Sauron after him.
18 429
Discuss the time when northwestern middle-earth was at its greatest and most evil time. Here you can talk about any aspects of Beleriand.
9 208
Beyond the Shores of Middle-Earth
Come here to talk about the places beyond the Western, or even Eastern, shores of Middle-earth. Numenor, Tol Eressea, the Blessed Realm of Valinor, or of the strange Lands East of Middle-earth.
18 266
Northwestern Middle-earth
Here is the place for all things relating to the most popular part of Middle-earth. From the drowning of Beleriand unto the War of the Ring and beyond - here is the place to talk about its many realms and kingdoms!
22 447
Races of Arda forums
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Elven Lore
Discuss about Elves in all the Ages of Arda, from their Greatness in the First Ages to their diminishing in the Later Ages.
26 477
The Little Peoples
If your into Dwarves and Hobbits this is your forum to talk about them.
23 353
Discuss about men of all ages from Turin Turambar in Beleriand to Ar-Pharazon of Numenor to Aragorn of the Northern Wastes of Middle-earth.
12 308
The Unknown Powers
Discuss the Powers and strange forces within the Kingdom of Arda here.
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Trivia, Debates, mini-games and Art centre
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Tolkien Trivia - Members Only
If you find Lore too much and want something a bit more laid back try this Trivia. Threads are created by moderators for members to participate in.
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Mini-games forum - Members Only
Enter here to play the various mini-games as explained in the starter thread by the Ruling Valar.
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Debates Forum - Reply Only
This is a Debates forum where debates can be specifically arranged and commented on by the debate-master.
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Fan-Art forum
Here members may post there art-work. Tolkien-related is preferable but other art-work is accepted also, providing it corresponds to the rules within.
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Role playing game forum (RPGs) centre
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Role Playing Forum - Members Only
Here you can create your RolePlays, no matter in which Age they are set.
11 395
Gather your role players - Members Only
Here you gather the members prior to creating a role play on the Role play forums. Also create OOCs (out of character) here.
18 514
Miscellaneous forums
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Analytical forum - Members Only
If you have an in-depth question that does not necessarily confine itself only to Tolkien's world (for example Good vs Evil) then post it here.
20 456
Fanfic Forum
Use this forum to discuss aspects of the entire Tolkien world which Tolkien did not fully address and create your own speculative theories which can be based on little evidence. The Forth Age for example.
11 161
Lord Of The Rings games and films forum
If your more of a films and games rather than books Tolkien fan discuss whatever you want about them here.
41 607
JRR Tolkien himself forum
Discuss JRR Tolkien the man here.
16 196
Utterly Miscellaneous
Here discuss anything that is utterly impossible to catagorise into the forums above or below. Perhaps opinion threads and surveys could go here.
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Archive Forum
Here very old lore topics will be placed for members to search through if required.
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Valinor (Rank 9 and above members only)
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Loremaster forum - Private Forum
This forums is one for the lormasters. Ask detailed questions which would only be able to be answered by the real loremasters of Tolkiens world. Only Maiar, Valar and high ranking members can enter this forum.
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Analytical forum - Loremaster - Private Forum
Exactly the same as the standard analytical forum only you can expect more satisfactory in-depth answers here.
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Places and languages forum - Private Forum
Valar/admins, Maiar/moderators and high ranking members can converse here.
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The Ring of Doom Councils - Maiar/Valar/special sideranks Only
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Ring of Doom Council forum - Private Forum
This is a council for the following members of Tolkien forums world - The One, Valar/admins, Maiar/moderators, special side ranks. Discuss here any changes which you feel ought to be made to Tolkien forums activeboards and the whole of Tolkien forums. Also you can discuss any queries you may have about your powers, other members or restrictions you are not sure whether to place down.
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