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Forum: Utterly Miscellaneous

Here discuss anything that is utterly impossible to catagorise into the forums above or below. Perhaps opinion threads and surveys could go here.
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No New Posts Tolkien Psychology... Why do we like his works?
vestalmiss 12 1116
No New Posts Phonology of Adunaic
buckeyepapist 1 1408
No New Posts Poetry from an unpublished volume.
Anorlas 33 1302
No New Posts Matching Minas Tirith
Galin 4 967
No New Posts A Reaction to ...
Bear 11 921
No New Posts How many Tolkien books and ebooks etc.. Do you own?
vestalmiss 7 794
No New Posts Personal Favorites...Quotes and/or Characters from Tolkien Books, Poems, or Films
Bear 10 877
No New Posts Kindle?
vestalmiss 5 663
No New Posts A board chat?
vestalmiss 9 851
No New Posts Cat lovers
lomoduin 6 763
No New Posts When did you last cry ?
Filli 6 619
No New Posts What is Happiness ?
Filli 9 862
No New Posts What makes you angry
Filli 6 678
No New Posts The Lost Line of Kings
Anorlas 8 939
No New Posts A Season of Imagination...Brainstorming a TolKien Themed Event
Bear 11 922
No New Posts Tolkien and Celtic lore
Anorlas 10 3335
No New Posts Is being Handsome a curse ?
Filli 4 797
No New Posts Lyrd of the Ryngs - A very special version of LOTR.
Grey_Wolf 2 705
No New Posts If you could punch a middlearth character in the face...vvho vvould it be ?
Filli 14 775
No New Posts 100 Words - Tell Your Tale
Grey_Wolf 2 540
No New Posts The Photography Thread - Post Yer Photos Here!
Grey_Wolf 13 868
No New Posts Just for fun
Grey_Wolf 17 719
No New Posts Weird question
lomoduin 3 598
No New Posts Father's Day
Bear 5 598
No New Posts Canon
Celethil 17 1007
No New Posts How come nobody is posting?
mouth of sauron 13 880
No New Posts New dog name
gumballthechewy 24 2922
No New Posts Swords
Olorin of Nienna 10 799
No New Posts Aragorn vs. Eragon
Anduril 16 3449
No New Posts Other authors of note (who do you like?)
FinrodFelagund 9 871
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Previous poll results (What is the 'Mightiest' weapon in Tolkiens myth?): Gurthang, blade of Turin - 28%, Narsil, sword of Elendil - 12%, Anduril, Sword of King Ellesar Aragorn - 23%, The Mace of the Witch King - 5%, Grond the dread hammer/hammer of the underworld -19%, Black axe of Gothmog - 4, Glamdring of Gandalf - 7%, Orcrist of Thorin - 1% A NEW POLL HAS BEEN ADDED TO TOLKIEN FORUMS Tolkien Forums - The Mythical world of J.R.R Tolkien