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Forum: General Lore disussion (standard)

Use this forum for general discussion about any Tolkien related aspects, save films and games.
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Sticky Topic STICKY: Blessing Of the Powers
Olorin/Gandalf 22 1563
Sticky Topic STICKY: Trivia
Enw 0 1002
No New Posts Arda to Earth
Turinguy 5 360
No New Posts Some interesting maps
The Might 12 790
No New Posts Do you think..
Macangearr 6 577
No New Posts To what extent it Destiny itself the ultimate hero in LOTR? (Preview) Ophelia Hobbitmaiden 6 389
No New Posts Tragedy
Filli 7 449
No New Posts The greatest sin in Arda
Filli 26 1432
No New Posts Staff of the Istari
Bilbo Baggins 28 3008
No New Posts 'Properties' of the oath of Feanor
Lorelline 5 1005
No New Posts How can somebody die in the Undying Lands?
ArwenLegolas 7 1606
No New Posts The relationships among the sons of Feanor and beyond: treachery of kin towards kin, yielding to another's will, and oth
Lorelline 23 1966
No New Posts A chronology of The Hobbit
James the Just 23 1919
No New Posts Do you think Tolkien portrayed or reflected himself in any of the characters in The Hobbit or LOTR?
Elendur 10 838
No New Posts Imladris calendar
James the Just 13 872
No New Posts Melkor vs. Eru
earendilthegreat 8 1629
No New Posts What was the more impressive feat? Sam vs Shelob or Bilbo vs The Mirkwood Spiders
Headingsouth 11 1194
No New Posts A Guided Tour of Middle-earth ( 1 2 )
James the Just 61 1980
No New Posts The oath-taking by the sons of Feanor. Influenced, coerced, rehearsed?
Lorelline 22 1394
No New Posts Tolkien's Pronunciations ( 1 2 )
Teralectus 52 2759
No New Posts What IS the Power of The Ring?
Teralectus 32 859
No New Posts The Everlasting Darkness
Lorelline 17 970
No New Posts Hurin's superhuman abilities
Turambar 12 1844
No New Posts History of the Nazgl
Teralectus 1 714
No New Posts Strider's Weapon
Kyranger 19 994
No New Posts The psychological aspect of the Arda legendarium
Felagund 18 1007
No New Posts Broken Rules
Filli 14 1127
No New Posts What would have happened? ( 1 2 )
mouth of sauron 46 1637
No New Posts Biblical Comparisons ( 1 2 )
Filli 41 2158
No New Posts Book Discussion on the "The Children of Hurin"
ArwenLegolas 20 1334
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Previous poll results (What is the 'Mightiest' weapon in Tolkiens myth?): Gurthang, blade of Turin - 28%, Narsil, sword of Elendil - 12%, Anduril, Sword of King Ellesar Aragorn - 23%, The Mace of the Witch King - 5%, Grond the dread hammer/hammer of the underworld -19%, Black axe of Gothmog - 4, Glamdring of Gandalf - 7%, Orcrist of Thorin - 1% A NEW POLL HAS BEEN ADDED TO TOLKIEN FORUMS Tolkien Forums - The Mythical world of J.R.R Tolkien