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Forum: The Silmarillion

Discuss the in-depth First Age book here.
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No New Posts Actors you think fit Silmarillion characters?
azaghal 5 1639
No New Posts your favorite silmarillion character ( 1 2 )
Aredhel 74 9725
No New Posts Trees of Valinor
basti 5 1185
No New Posts silmarillion not in top 100
dwarf guy 29 4018
No New Posts Question about Ungoliant ( 1 2 )
Annwen 40 7689
No New Posts What is your opinion of Feanor and Maeglin? ( 1 2 )
Bear 53 7176
No New Posts Melkor vs the Ainur
Laurelin 6 1988
No New Posts The problem of Ros
Galin 5 2856
No New Posts Am I the only one that was always sort of hoping Morgoth would win? (Preview) Neithan 21 2561
No New Posts An Elf slays a demigod
Elvish Avantguardian 39 4699
No New Posts Where in Beleriand does Morgoth reside???
Gothmog the balrog 4 1593
No New Posts Beren Looked in Melian's eyes...
vestalmiss 20 3261
No New Posts shapeshifting
Laurelin 4 1374
No New Posts The Reading of The Silmarillion You Tube
azaghal 6 1762
No New Posts Men being born second
vestalmiss 11 2340
No New Posts Historic, Custom Binding of The Silmarillion
Casyis 13 1987
No New Posts A film of The Silmarillion
Glorfindel 34 4689
No New Posts Why Galadriel
Glorfindel 35 4937
No New Posts Did the second born get a rough deal?
Filli 5 2149
No New Posts Migration from Beleriand
Bilbo Baggins 16 3923
No New Posts Understanding Fingolfin ... Lost Hero ... opinions welcome!
Bear 5 2070
No New Posts Nirnaeth Arnoediad
Isillune 3 1804
No New Posts The bottom line on three shiney rocks
Filli 7 1934
No New Posts Quenta Silmarillion
The Secret Fire 1 1684
No New Posts hurin and the nirnaeth
dwarf guy 9 3329
No New Posts Gwindor
lomoduin 10 2405
No New Posts nirnaeth and the braggollach
dwarf guy 1 1593
No New Posts races of elves
dwarf guy 2 1827
No New Posts No! [extended]
Elvish Avantguardian 20 3184
No New Posts Daeron of Doriath
Elvish Avantguardian 13 3208
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