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Forum: Northwestern Middle-earth

Here is the place for all things relating to the most popular part of Middle-earth. From the drowning of Beleriand unto the War of the Ring and beyond - here is the place to talk about its many realms and kingdoms!
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Sticky Topic STICKY: The Mystery of Tom Bombadil
ArwenLegolas 22 1616
No New Posts Rings of Power ( 1 2 )
Celethil 55 2757
No New Posts Rhun
Huan the great hound 14 1656
No New Posts Witchking of Angmar vs Gandalf
Glorfindel 17 3387
No New Posts Gondors hold
Glorfindel 6 1599
No New Posts Barrowdowns
Finrod al Thor 9 779
No New Posts Palintiri
Beren One Hand 8 2523
No New Posts Eldest of the Eldar
Celethil 13 1911
No New Posts how many
Glorfindel 14 1536
No New Posts Ways of escape
mouth of sauron 9 1407
No New Posts Who was greater?
mouth of sauron 22 1560
No New Posts Rivendell and Lothlorien
Aredhel 14 2671
No New Posts Nazgul and Rohirrim
Glorfindel 24 1656
No New Posts Finding Rivendell
mouth of sauron 19 2390
No New Posts Can anyone refresh my memory?
The Might 7 1311
No New Posts Why leave Middle-earth?
Galadriel 18 1647
No New Posts question for smart people
The Might 17 1506
No New Posts Kings of Gondor
Glorfindel 8 1505
Topic is Closed Angmar vs Arnor ( 1 2 3 )
mouth of sauron 92 4176
No New Posts Elves of the East
mouth of sauron 6 2191
No New Posts Rivendell
Galadriel 9 1490
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