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Forum: Beyond the Shores of Middle-Earth

Come here to talk about the places beyond the Western, or even Eastern, shores of Middle-earth. Numenor, Tol Eressea, the Blessed Realm of Valinor, or of the strange Lands East of Middle-earth.
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No New Posts A place called Morinore
Lord Damras 2 926
No New Posts Kings of Noldor
Galadriel 25 3254
No New Posts Immortal animals
Glorfindel 14 2728
No New Posts Why so small a realm?
Glorfindel 9 2289
No New Posts Translation Help Needed
Sweeper 8 1638
No New Posts tol eressea
dwarf guy 8 5679
No New Posts Fingolfin or Faenor
Turgolfin 17 2540
No New Posts Ar-Pharazôn the Fool
Lord Tulkas 38 2158
No New Posts arrogance and pride
jammi567 21 2509
No New Posts Dark land, Lands of sun
Glorfindel 9 2057
No New Posts Unknown places
Galadriel 8 1607
No New Posts Interesting quotes part ll
mouth of sauron 5 1828
No New Posts Fall of Numenor
Galadriel 12 1706
No New Posts Interesting quotes
mouth of sauron 14 1831
No New Posts Tulkas
Aredhel 17 2057
No New Posts Pelori
Glorfindel 21 2169
No New Posts Andilar
Olorin/Gandalf 13 6287
No New Posts Mithril
mouth of sauron 7 1746
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