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Topic: Welcome to the Fan-art forum (Read first)

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Date: Sep 17, 2006
Welcome to the Fan-art forum (Read first)

Welcome to the new fan-art forum, we hope you’ll enjoy this as a place to post pictures of yourself and your works of art. To make sure this is fun for everyone, we ask you to keep to a few rules and guidelines.

1. All forum rules apply, no nastiness or unkindness, offensive messages will be deleted and the posters given a dressing down. In addition to this, no inappropriate pictures either- offensive or pornographic images will be deleted.
2. Do not pass other people’s work off as your own, that is plagiarism and is wrong. If you want to post someone else’s work, or use it in your own, make sure they are duly credited. Any queries about this, ask here!
3. No hotlinking pictures, it really messes things up for us. Save pictures in a photo-bucket account or on another host-site, then post them here. If you need help with this, ask here.
4. Please keep your work to one thread until that one gets full then start a new one, though starting threads for other purposes is fine.
5. If you’re under fifteen, it would be wise not to post pictures of yourself.
6.It would be nice to have Tolkien-themed work, but of course all art is accepted here.

Alright, so that's the boring stuff finished with, have fun!

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Date: Nov 2, 2011

This is my version of Smaug looking through the small door just before he sent fire through the small opening to roast the theif!

It didn't work sorry.  Have to work it out.  Anyone got any suggestions?

Okay....thankfully we are now able to post pics on this site.  Thank you Lorelline.....



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