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Topic: My very first post ever

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Being lies with Eru - Rank 1
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Date: Jul 6, 2013
My very first post ever

Hello everyone,

I have never been a member of any forum before, so in that sense I am a beginner. Strictly speaking I am not totally new to Tolkien's works (have read quite a bit), but it always feels like new.

It has been a long and circuitous way to even get to know about these books... nothing like "I read LOTR in the fifth grade" or "my father read me The Hobbit when I was 6". No such luck.

Tolkien's world calls for discussion, but to my dismay no one among those that I know can care less (nice people as they are otherwise). I am glad that I found this forum and that so many interesting things are being discussed. Will try to take part in some topics and hope that my posts will make sense... I am just a beginner, after all.

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Lord Elrond of Rivendell - Rank 9
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Date: Jul 6, 2013

Welcome to The Tolkien Forums.

This is a place where you will find being a "beginner" is as much a positive as in being an "old-timer."
We are here because we too found that other folks (nice people as they are otherwise) didn't share our love for Tolkien.
And here we can read and discuss just about anything having to do with Tolkien and his works.
Even the scholarly folks love to jump in on the fun of a topic (new or old).

There is also an atmosphere here where you will be welcomed warmly, with most of us eager to help you with any questions that you have or any opinion that you share ... newcomers especially ... we are happy to help ... partially because the same was done for us.

So what is your favorite character so far?
Favorite book?

I have a couple ... I love Gandalf and Samwise Gamgee ... but look more like Barliman Butterburr!

I love The Lord of The Rings ... I re-read it a lot ...

Again Welcome,

Bear an Elf-Friend

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Vocatus atque non vocatus, Deus aderit
Called or uncalled, God is present

Guard of Armenelos - Rank 4
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Date: Jul 6, 2013
Welcome and well met, Lorelline!

You'll find that many of the members here range from novice to practically Tolkien scholars! I, however am in the middle somewhere. I have been a member of this site for nearly two years now and I find myself constantly checking in to add what I might to these very interesting topics.

It is always great to have a fresh perspective on some of our on-going topics and very cool when someone starts a brand new one. You'll see that no topic is too out of date to add your view on. Just add something to one of the old topics and watch our members come out of the wood work.

The members here are courteous and knowledgeable and enjoy Tolkien's works as much as you apparently do (according to your post). I am honored to be the first to welcome you to this beloved site and if I can be of assistance in any way just let me know.

See you out in the threads, have fun and don't hold back and again I say:

Welcome and well met!

Haldir of Lorien - Rank 6
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Date: Jul 7, 2013

Welcome aboard!

There's not much to add to what Jaido and Bear have said. It's a great place to learn new things and have a good time while doing it. I joined just over a year ago and enjoy it immensely. Don't worry about being a beginner. All the members here are super polite and welcoming which is why I've stuck with it. It's like a family in some ways.

I hope you like what you see.


Being lies with Eru - Rank 1
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Date: Jul 7, 2013

Thanks so much for welcoming me!

As to the favorite book, it is not easy to pick. I love the old story of the "Fall of Gondolin". I in general am not too much into war-related things, but there I enjoy the style. It reads like a live report or a news feed maybe. The battle of Ecthelion with Gothmog is the most moving. The old tale of Tinuviel is so much fun, Tevildo is hilarious. Children of Hurin is a great thing as well and I am not even sure how many times I read it in all different versions. There are many more stories and pieces that I like, basically just all those that I read.

Maedhros is the favorite character, mainly because he is perhaps the most controversial one, and concerning him there is a lot to think about. And because he is a redhead.

Something that I would be interested to discuss in particular would be the Oath of Feanor, and I was looking for a thread covering it. Feanor himself is probably beaten to death, but I did not find much written on the Oath specifically and would be most grateful if someone points a relevant thread out to me, if it exists.

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Anarion, Son of Elendil - rank 8
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Date: Jul 12, 2013
Well met Lorelline! It certainly seems as though you're well versed in the legendarium. Happy posting.


Utúlie'n  aurë!  Aiya  Eldalië  ar  Atanatári,  utúlie'n  aurë! 
Auta  i  lómë! 
Aurë entuluva!

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