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Topic: the avanti hath arriveth!!!

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Being lies with Eru - Rank 1
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Date: Mar 12, 2013
the avanti hath arriveth!!!

oh hai!!!


i have been in love with tolkien's arda since 1996. i came to it through "the hobbit", which i borrowed from the small library in a youth delinquency prison i was sitting in at the time. when i sneaked away from the prison, the book "happened" to follow me in my worn-out back-pack.


let me explain why i love these books. i learnt late to read and appreciate books. did not even appreciate comic book magazines. i'm a nature child. i love to climb trees, jump into blue lakes, wander with my bare feet, feeling the soft grass and the warm black soil under my feet.


i am a touch person. i love sensations.


i am also a drifter. i have not finished primary education (i'm 33 years old), and between the ages of 12 and 25 i basically lived as an outsider, with no home, no family, drifting around. often it could be frightening. but often wonderful as well. i think tolkien captured the sense of travelling by foot very well, and i can "feel" what he describes as visual impressions. his main medium, like 99% of all people, is sight. my medium is touch. but he can describe what i sense with my nerves.


i love him, even though i know he would probably have loathed me.

Anarion, Son of Elendil - rank 8
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Date: Mar 12, 2013
Hmmm....that's certainly an unusual introduction thread!


Utúlie'n  aurë!  Aiya  Eldalië  ar  Atanatári,  utúlie'n  aurë! 
Auta  i  lómë! 
Aurë entuluva!

Haldir of Lorien - Rank 6
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Date: Mar 13, 2013

How do, Avanti!

I'm glad you were able to find this spot. You will find folks here that love JRRT too and we love to have new voices join in. I've been on just under one year, and I feel like I've found a comfortable place to ask questions and express ideas. Plus it's lots of fun.

I hope you enjoy the forums.


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