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Topic: Hello Everyone!

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Being lies with Eru - Rank 1
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Date: Jun 13, 2012
Hello Everyone!

I've just joined the forum and I thought I'd introduce myself.

Ten years ago, aged 10 I was introduced to Tolkien via: a rapidly worn out Video of the Fellowship of The Ring (I watched it four times in two days) and the reading to me of The Hobbit by my school teacher.

Needless to say I was hooked, I watched the rest of the trilogy in rapid sucession, but once I moved on to The Lord of The Rings books my fandom reached new heights, I was truly blown away and it remains my favorite book, (I'm currently on my Ninth re-read), The Hobbit, Unfinished Tales and The Silmarillion soon followed, and I'm currently devouring the HOME.

I've read a great deal about Tolkien and enjoy furthering my knowledge, (but I'm not exactly sure whether I'm a fanatic...) I've heard nothing but good things about this forum, and couldn't resist sharing my enthusiam with others, and learning and discussing more about the genius that was JRR Tolkien

‘As they came to the gates Cirdan the Shipwright came forth to greet them. Very tall he was, and his beard was long, and we was grey and old, save that his eyes were keen as stars; and he looked at them and bowed, and said ‘All is now ready.’
Thorin Oakenshield - Rank 6
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Date: Jun 14, 2012

Don't hesitate to dive into the topics, I'm sure you have alot of questions.

You want it for Yourself!
Guard of Armenelos - Rank 4
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Date: Jun 14, 2012
Welcome and Well met, O 'thecrazybeardedone'. Cool name by the way.

Jump right in and look around. Remember, no topic is too old to revitalize so if you see a thread that you want to comment on feel free and watch the boards light up (so to speak).

There are plenty of knowledgeable members floating around this site, you have already met one of the well-esteemed members in Bilbo Baggins. So get in there and have fun.

I've been around for a few months and have learned much from the threads and members here. If I can be of any assistance, let me know.

See you in the threads, Cheers!

Tom Bombadil
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Date: Jun 24, 2012
Welcome thecrazybeardedone. I am Lady Arwen, yes that really is my name and title. I know it's cool, but your name is pretty cool, too.
I am a moderator here on this little piece of Middle-earth in cyberspace. I am glad you found us, and like the others were saying, "Dive right in" .


Hey dol! merry dol! ring a dong dillo!
Ring a dong! hop along! fal lal the willow!
Tom Bom, Jolly Tom, Tom Bombadillo!

Anarion, Son of Elendil - rank 8
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Date: Jun 25, 2012
Welcome crazybeardedone. Looks like you may not have been here long!


Utúlie'n  aurë!  Aiya  Eldalië  ar  Atanatári,  utúlie'n  aurë! 
Auta  i  lómë! 
Aurë entuluva!

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