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Topic: Addressing Knowledge

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Date: Nov 1, 2010
Addressing Knowledge

Tolkien characterizes the quest for knowledge with ambivalence in LOTR's. What are the various ways Tolkien presents the quest for gaining knowledge in the novels?

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Date: Nov 2, 2010
Welcome to the Tolkien Forums.
Tolkien's support for acquiring knowledge?
How about Bilbo's Redbook that he passes on to Frodo who passes it on tho Sam?
Faramir's being a student of Gandalf's in the archives of Gondor?
The whole idea of Rivendell being a library of collected knowledge?  And people from all over Middle-earth coming to seek advice of the lore-master Elrond?
I think there are dozens more.
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Date: Nov 2, 2010
Welcome Halobella85

Lets see. Tolkien said that once men used to travel to seek advice and wisdom from the Elves though those times were becomeing few and far between.

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Date: Nov 3, 2010
Plus all the great kingdoms and realms like those in Beleriand and of course Numenor, not to mention Arnor and Gondor, seem to dedicate alot of their efforts into scholarship and the preservation and research of history and lore.


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Date: Aug 16, 2011
Not to mention the great libraries and archives of the citadel of Minas Tirith and what might have been lost in the fall of Osgiliath. I think it was written that Saruman began his quest for the Ring by reading Isildur's account in the Libraries of the capital city of Gondor.

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Date: Aug 27, 2011
Jaidoprism7, i've heard that before too Minas Tirith in and of itself does in fact show the quest for knowledge in Tolkiens tales.

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Date: Aug 29, 2011
And I think I read somewhere that the Dwarves had the great Library (Chamber of records) of Mazarbul in Moria.


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