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Topic: Host of Easterlings attacking Dale/Erebor

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Date: Aug 28, 2009
Host of Easterlings attacking Dale/Erebor

Is there any reading material that covers this host of Easterlings? Is there any work written by Tolkien himself that confirms that this host was suppose to attack Mirkwood as well?

Fundin, Lord of Moria - Rank 5
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Date: Aug 29, 2009
Hmm, nothing significant that I remember, though I must confess I have not looked into this particular matter. From Appendix B: 

March 11: the first assault on Lorien. March 15th: battle in Mirkwood, and: 'Thranduil repels the forces of Dol Guldur' (second assault on Lorien. There would be a third on March 22). 

March 17th: this date marks the battle of Dale, the fall of king Brand and King Dain Ironfoot, and that Erebor is besieged. Later in Appendix B it is said that the battle at the mountain's feet lasted three days, and the siege followed. Hmm again. It was also said that this was accomplished by a host 'that had long threatened the borders of King Brand' Anyway, on March 27 Bard II and Thorin II drive the enemy from Dale.

So both Lorien and Thranduil had been attacked by Dol Guldur, and I've no certain idea what the further plan was for the Easterlings who attacked Dale, had they not been engaged in a siege. Although a secondary source, Karen Fonstad seems to think the forces that attacked Dale came 'presumably from Rhun' (in her Atlas of Middle-Earth). He work is usually well researched, but on this matter I do not feel I have checked all the sources myself.

But you knew all that anyway! All I can say is that I don't recall, at the moment, a mention that this host was supposed to attack Mirkwood too. Anyone?

Well, I can use this post to say welcome! in any case smile

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Anarion, Son of Elendil - rank 8
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Date: Aug 30, 2009
Think most of the information about this is in the appendix in LOTR. Don't think there is anything else. It seems to me that the plan was to launch assault after assault from Dol Guldur to both Lorien and Thranduil, while attacking Erebor from Rhun, and thus neither could come to the others aid.


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