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Topic: Help Finding Certain Version of HoME

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Being lies with Eru - Rank 1
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Date: Jun 7, 2007
Help Finding Certain Version of HoME

Hey guys.

I currently own deluxe (ie slip-cased) versions of The Silmarillion, The Hobbit, The LoTR (50th Anniversary Ed.) and now The Children of Hurin. I would like to add the History to my collection, but the early edditions that sold all three volumes together are all but gone all together from what I see. Despite that pity, I would like to purchase the 3 volumes of the edition seen here:
my question is: Does this version have a slip-case? If not, is there any way I can can get a slip cased version of any eddition?

Thanks guys!

Samwise Gamgee - rank 9
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Date: Jun 8, 2007
I am not aware of the term 'slip-case'. What is it?

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Being lies with Eru - Rank 1
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Date: Jun 9, 2007
I cant think of another name for it, but basically it is a small box in which the book slides perfectly. Like in this picture here (taken randomly from google)

Being lies with Eru - Rank 1
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Date: Jul 1, 2007
These editions are currently out of print and somewhat difficult to find.  You should be able to find them however through which is an excellent souce for rare and hard to find books. They are currently listing a first edtion, first printing, first impression of The Lord of the Rings (Allen & Unwin) for $65,000.

As for the books you are asking about the general print run of these three volumes were NOT slipcased.

There was however a special printing of these three volumes that WERE slipcased. The print run of this special edition was only 200 copies! I don't know if any of them are currently on the market, but if so they would be very expensive. (I am currently looking for a source for this statement. I saw it on-line somewhere but can't remeber where.)

Further: See 

The ISBN for this special edition is 0007105053


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