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Topic: Power

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Date: May 2, 2007
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Who has more power; Wizards,Gandalf in particular, or the Witch King?
Are the powers balance between them evenly?

First you see Gandalf is able to, more or less, drive them away with his staff, by sending a ray of light...

But then you see The Witch King abliverate his staff later on...

-both from the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King Extended Edition on DVD

~Prince of Mirkwood

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Date: May 2, 2007
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Thew Witchking is not nearly as powerful as Gandalf. Although the Witchking has much power bestowed to him by Sauron and he gained power when he had one of the Rings of Power Gandalf is a Maiar spirit, an Angelic being who came before Ea. Although he was limited as to what power he could use the Witchking is unlikely able to break Gandalf's staff. That was just done in the film for effect.

For example in the book we see that Gandalf is able to hold off alot of Nazgul including the WK on top of Weathertop and then he was Gandalf the Grey, not Gandalf the White. Although I wouldn't say its immpossible for the WK to break Gandalf's staff at the Time of the battle of Pellenor, becuase we don't truly know how much power Sauron put into him between Weathertop and then, I would say its very unlikely.


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Date: May 2, 2007
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The Witchking of Angmar is just a human King and given one of nine Rings of Power to help rule over his realm. He and eight others were already in the service of Sauron, the Dark Lord of Mordor, but the Rings completely corrupted them and turned them into the ghostly, undead Ringwraiths. As to where Gandalf is one of the Maiar. Tolkien considered the Maiar lesser gods, angelic beings. Some of the more notable Maiar are 1. Eönwë 2. Ilmarë 3. Ossë 4. Uinen 5. Salmar 6. Sauron 7. Melian 8. Arien 9. Tilion 10. Gothmog 11. Curúmo 12. Olórin 13. Aiwendil 14. Alatar 15. Pallando 16. Durin's Bane. So it would make sense that angelic beings have more power then spiritually corrupted Humans who are now bodiless wraiths.


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