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Use this forum to discuss aspects of the entire Tolkien world which Tolkien did not fully address and create your own speculative theories which can be based on little evidence. The Forth Age for example.
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FirstBorn 9 593
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Bard the Bowman 4 1611
No New Posts Child
Jewel-Woman 14 620
No New Posts Isilãn's March
The New King of Angmar 6 650
No New Posts A Traveler's Tale
PolishGuy14 14 731
No New Posts ArwenLegolas' Poetry Jumbles
ArwenLegolas 11 703
No New Posts Tale of a Warg-rider
Lee 21 623
No New Posts The end of the world
Bauglir 19 1056
No New Posts female characters
Aredhel 8 573
No New Posts Ent's souls after death
Bauglir 19 811
No New Posts Perhaps not so stupid
Glorfindel 25 578
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