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Forum: The Little Peoples

If your into Dwarves and Hobbits this is your forum to talk about them.
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Sticky Topic STICKY: Your favorite character from LOTR books ( 1 2 )
Aredhel 65 2810
No New Posts currency
Galadriel 27 2721
No New Posts Were there clocks in Middle-earth?
mouth of sauron 17 4189
No New Posts Could Smeagol be revived?
Glorfindel 19 2338
No New Posts Dwarves
Galadriel 20 2291
No New Posts Peter Jackson removed from The Hobbit
mouth of sauron 21 2088
No New Posts Merry and Pippin ~ Transformed by Friendship
Bear 8 3014
No New Posts Hobbits origins
mouth of sauron 21 1919
No New Posts What about Belladonna (Took) Baggins?
Bear 3 1801
No New Posts What was the water called.
Glorfindel 9 1547
No New Posts War against the Elves
Celethil 12 1348
No New Posts Bilbo and spiders
Bauglir 4 1580
No New Posts Most powerful weapons in Middle-Earth
Celethil 28 2950
No New Posts Dwarves name for Melkor
Glorfindel 15 1596
No New Posts Bilbo Baggins
Galadriel 9 1304
No New Posts Where did they come from?
Celethil 7 1405
No New Posts journey to mount doom
Galadriel 5 1216
No New Posts 7 Fathers?
Bauglir 9 1316
No New Posts Druedain
Glorfindel 7 1409
No New Posts Dwarven kingdoms
Glorfindel 12 1870
No New Posts The Arkenstone of Thain
mouth of sauron 9 1598
No New Posts Sauron and the Shire
Glorfindel 6 1746
No New Posts Hobbit strenght
Lord Tulkas 6 1314
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Previous poll results (What is the 'Mightiest' weapon in Tolkiens myth?): Gurthang, blade of Turin - 28%, Narsil, sword of Elendil - 12%, Anduril, Sword of King Ellesar Aragorn - 23%, The Mace of the Witch King - 5%, Grond the dread hammer/hammer of the underworld -19%, Black axe of Gothmog - 4, Glamdring of Gandalf - 7%, Orcrist of Thorin - 1% A NEW POLL HAS BEEN ADDED TO TOLKIEN FORUMS Tolkien Forums - The Mythical world of J.R.R Tolkien