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Topic: Advertising/Banner

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Which Idea would work best [4 vote(s)]

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Peoples of Rohan - Rank 1
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Date: Aug 9, 2010

Since i joined recently, i've noticed this forum to be slightly empty, to solve this dilemma, i've come up with a few Ideas.

1. Create a Banner for our forums which we can put on Ads to draw people here.

2. See if anyone is in touch with any popular games and see if the can advertise there.

3. If enough Funds are raised, place ads in Real Life through commercials, newspapers, and even into new published copies of LOTR

Forth Eorlingas!!!!!!
Lord Elrond of Rivendell - Rank 9
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Date: Aug 9, 2010
Theoden King,
Yes.  It would be nice to have more folks on the Forums.
The place to present your ideas is to the top Valar ... "The One."
Log in ... go to the "Member List" ... scroll down the list until you find "The One."
Click on his name and leave him/her a private message with your ideas.
You will get a response.
I think all three ideas have merit. And if I am not mistaken some if not all may have been tried.
I am only a Bear with a sleep fogged memory.
"The One" is where these ideas might (or should) go first.
I will
be glad to draw my sword and stand beside you,


Vocatus atque non vocatus, Deus aderit
Called or uncalled, God is present

Rohirrim of Edoras - Rank 4
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Date: Aug 9, 2010
I tend to be more like the dwarves on this front and am more inclined to hide my arknestone under a mountain. I don't want this forum flooded with dribble and teens with a crush on Orlando Bloom. I don't know where everyone else's hearts lie but I'd rather not wade through the spam posts to get to the meat of a subject. This forum is a bit still at times but I've always heard that still waters often run deep. May Eru's will be done, however, and with no insubordination from me.

The winds of heaven do not blow gentle.
Peoples of Rohan - Rank 1
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Posts: 14
Date: Aug 9, 2010
Bear, thank you for the knowledge and support.

Iomonduin... You do make a good point, but we can still advertise along with the fact that we care more of the lore of the land, than the movies and actors.

Forth Eorlingas!!!!!!
Samwise Gamgee - rank 9
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Date: Aug 10, 2010
We have had various advertising 'campaigns' in the past, I think the site is listed on quite a few other Tolkien sites, which can be seen on the links page. Plus, something we haven't posted about in a while, the four 'voting' banners halfway down the home-page, where members can vote daily for the site which keeps it up on the list. I think those voting sites are some of the main Tolkien/Middle-earth voting sites out there.

Plus, having done some searching myself, there are quite a few search engines and directories where sites can be submitted to on the web.

My Master Sauron the Great bids thee Welcome....
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