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Topic: Cast for the Hobbit

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Thorin Oakenshield - Rank 6
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Date: Oct 24, 2010
Cast for the Hobbit

As there was recently a thread on the Hobbit being given the go-ahead I thought I would post this latest news:

The Hobbit Cast

It is looking good so far!

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Loremaster Elf of Mirkwood - Rank 4
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Date: Oct 24, 2010
Thank you for this update, Bilbo. It will be interesting to see who else they nail down for the other main characters.

I'll not bid the stars farewell
Samwise Gamgee - rank 9
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Posts: 2372
Date: Oct 28, 2010
Alas they have a different actor for Bilbo. He does seem to have the right sort of face for a hobbit though.

My Master Sauron the Great bids thee Welcome....
Rohirrim of Edoras - Rank 4
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Date: Oct 28, 2010
I'm not surprised by the actor for Frodo but the rest of the lot looks a whole lot like elves. I need to do more research. ha ha ha ha

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Anarion, Son of Elendil - rank 8
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Date: Oct 28, 2010
You mean the actor for Bilbo, Lomoduin?


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