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Topic: Hobbit Production Video #6

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Loremaster of Gondor - Rank 5
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Date: Mar 4, 2012
Hobbit Production Video #6

Check out the new Hobbit production video that just came out.


'Lonely men are we, Rangers of the wild, hunters - but hunters ever of the servants of the Enemy; for they are found in many places, not in Mordor only.'

Thorin Oakenshield - Rank 6
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Date: Mar 6, 2012
Good video! Perhaps it can be added to the other Hobbit video thread as well?

You want it for Yourself!
Lord Elrond of Rivendell - Rank 9
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Date: Mar 6, 2012


Thank you. Your link made it easy to "catch-up" and follow the production.

Thanks again my friend. (Bilbo Baggins says "thank you" too.)



Vocatus atque non vocatus, Deus aderit
Called or uncalled, God is present

Guard of Armenelos - Rank 4
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Date: Mar 6, 2012
The locations of New Zealand are definitely "other-worldly" to say the least. For such a small country, there seems to be no shortage of preserves and national parks. Pretty cool. All that location shooting's gonna go a long way on screen. Still not enthused about Kili's pompadore hair-do and lack of beard.

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