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Forum: Site suggestions / Ideas / help

Here you can discuss any site ideas, suggestions, member recruting etc for other members and Powers. Also this is where most polls will take place for members to vote on different aspects of the site. If you need help with anything that is not in the FAQ you can ask it here.
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Sticky Topic STICKY: Vote for your Tolkien Forums! ( 1 2 3 )
Olorin/Gandalf 94 3804
Sticky Topic STICKY: Suggest a feature! ( 1 2 )
The One 63 2490
Sticky Topic STICKY: Poll: New Chat box
The One 27 1768
No New Posts Maps of Arda page
Glorfindel 25 15741
No New Posts An Idea For A Weekly Msg
Grey_Wolf 5 1442
No New Posts An informal survey about our site
Bear 31 2314
No New Posts Where did you come from?
Enw 31 1916
No New Posts Just suggestions...
Bear 8 1355
No New Posts Site Audio
Celebrindal 11 1504
No New Posts Question.
Kyranger 2 2003
Poll Advertising/Banner
TheodenKing 4 1196
No New Posts RPG Suggestions
ArwenLegolas 2 1245
No New Posts It might sound stupid
Rumil 6 1424
No New Posts Ranking Kingdoms Forums
Celethil 24 1572
No New Posts Member recruitments
mouth of sauron 39 1680
No New Posts Members MUST post here!
Olorin/Gandalf 27 1782
No New Posts Avatar problem...again
The Might 11 1306
No New Posts Thread clean up.
Celethil 11 1533
No New Posts Is it ready yet?
The Might 9 1610
No New Posts Something Special
Celethil 6 1297
No New Posts hmm...
The Might 24 1560
No New Posts Picture thread?
The Might 7 1225
No New Posts New Competitions!
Enw 9 1489
No New Posts Perhaps...
The Might 10 1620
No New Posts Won't let me access the polls!
Merilruin 12 1568
No New Posts Help!
Glorfindel 6 1479
No New Posts Vote for music on the forums
Olorin/Gandalf 8 1442
Poll What do you want?
The One 11 1496
No New Posts Nickname for the site!
Glorfindel 34 1672
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Previous poll results (What is the 'Mightiest' weapon in Tolkiens myth?): Gurthang, blade of Turin - 28%, Narsil, sword of Elendil - 12%, Anduril, Sword of King Ellesar Aragorn - 23%, The Mace of the Witch King - 5%, Grond the dread hammer/hammer of the underworld -19%, Black axe of Gothmog - 4, Glamdring of Gandalf - 7%, Orcrist of Thorin - 1% A NEW POLL HAS BEEN ADDED TO TOLKIEN FORUMS Tolkien Forums - The Mythical world of J.R.R Tolkien